this was the best new year's i've had in awhile. for once, i wasn't at home on the couch with my parents.

i was on the phone with the best person i could possibly think of to be talking to then (besides my family of friends, who were mostly within arm's reach -- and kina grannis : ] )

happy new year, everybody. : )


Dec. 19th, 2008 10:15 am
my boss just gave me a $25 gift certificate to my favorite coffee shop and an expensive bar of organic, equal-exchange chocolate along with a really nice card. all of this was totally unexpected, totally not necessary -- and absolutely wonderful!

jacques gave me a book of poetry about masculinity the other night 'cause he couldn't decide whether to buy me a book about poetry or about gender, so he did both. (haha, i bought him anal lube...)

my friends kate and jourdan bought me music paper to write songs on and guitar picks.

i've also gotten several really beautiful cards and a lot of hugs this week. i feel a little silly 'cause i plan on giving people CDs of music i have made, which feels a little depersonalized and narcissistic, but it's the best i can do with the budget i got : ) (p.s. if you want one, send me your address at or comment anonymously on this entry [but don't forget your name!] -- it'll be screened . . . ) : )

i wish it were the holidays all year so that people loved each other this hard and this obviously always.



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