Jun. 29th, 2009

i saw my sister's keeper the other day and it, in conjunction with father's day and happy dying [ :( ], brought to the surface a lot of things i've been trying to keep buried about my father and his battle with cancer. my father is 62 years old, and he spent four years battling cancer -- his body looks like it's about 72 years old. i know he's not going to be alive forever, and i am trying to make peace with our relationship and him because i learned from jay's death that burying issues i have with people makes losing them twice as traumatic for me. i've been... )

let's move on to sillier things. these could be two separate entries, but hey, it's more real, i suppose, to talk about sad things with happy or frivolous things 'cause that's how it is in my brain.

why is it that the best headphones i've ever owned are jetblue's $1 headphones? fuck earbuds. these things are so comfortable!

i dyed my hair yesterday to a strawberry-blonde-type configuration. i'm thinking about adding some bright red to where my hair is normally pink 'cause i don't like anything monosyllabic.

i also had to buy a new phone the other day 'cause mine was knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door. WTF. it had already been out for servicing three times and i'd had it for less than a year. just say no to the lg rumor.

finally, i'm grateful for sunshine, friends, rain, and being and loving who i am. and lately, my family of origin, even though it hurts my heart a lot of the time to have them in my life.



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